Glass Nectar Collector Set

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TIP DIP and SIP! Smoking Got Better!

Grab the best nectar collector now!

There are always exciting tools in the dabbing community. Glass nectar collectors are becoming trendy for smoking concentrates. They are designed to be held and used as a convenient method to vaporize your concentrates. If you love dabbing a bit unsure of passing massive rig or gears, then the solution is the best nectar collector.

Dabbing involves heating the concentrates in the vaporizer. It gives you a potent and fresh high. There are three common types of nectar collectors available in the market:

  • Silicone: The air path is made up of silicone, while the tip is built using glass or titanium
  • Glass: The body is built using a glass and water chamber, while the tip uses titanium, glass, and ceramic 
  • Electric: These are battery-powered with a steel vapor path and other features like quartz, titanium, and ceramic coils.

This combination makes it more stylish, patterns, and amazing.

A nectar collector set works as a traditional dab. The main difference is that the heated top of the device is kept on the concentrate rather than the dabber. They are designed to help upright and provide a hassle-free method to vaporize the concentrates.

The best benefits of getting a glass nectar collector set are:

  • They are smaller, which makes it easier to move from one place to another.
  • The design and pattern of the glass nectar collector makes it amazing for the consumers
  • Everything you need to enjoy the flavors is just easily available.
  • The three parts of the best nectar collector, namely neck, tip, and body, are easy to clean.
  • The consistent temperature gives to the perfect accuracy to smoke
  • As there are no flames, you can prevent accidents
  • The individual components make it easier to clean and replace.

What is the best glass nectar collector?

A glass nectar collector is used to vaporize concentrates and enjoy the flavors. They have a vertical design that looks like a straw. The body is built of silicone or glass, and the tip is built of titanium or quartz. The tip is heated and then used to inhale concentrates. Being portable devices, they are also known as dab pipes or honey straws.

The anatomy of glass nectar collector are:

  • The neck is the mouthpiece. The place from where you will inhale the vapor.
  • The body is between the neck and tip. It is similar to the water chamber in the bongs. You get a choice to purchase a body that needs water or not. There are dry nectar collectors and wet nectar collectors.
  • The tip of the nectar collector is the same as the bowl of the bong, where all the action happens.

The common process of using the glass nectar collector set is:

  • Grab a dish and concentrate on it.
  • Heat the tip of your glass nectar collector using a torch until it's red-hot.
  • Cool the tip for a minute
  • Pick up your dish of concentrate
  • Keep the neck in your mouth and tab the hot tip inside the dish along with a pile of concentrate.
  • The more you keep it, the more vapor you get.
  • Tapping the tip of the best nectar collector will help in controlling the amount of vapor
  • Inhale! Exhale! Repeat! And Enjoy

There are water filtration, interchangeable tips, and stylish nectar collectors. It is a personal preference, and you need to get the ideal product. The best nectar collector is a portable and discreet method to dab anywhere and anytime.

Experiment with multiple methods to dab! There is no right or wrong. Try everything you might get the best flavors with unique nectar collectors.